Serving our neighbors since 2016.

Imagine a service company that you can actually trust! That’s the vision we had when we started Mynt. Since opening our doors, we’ve stayed committed to providing the best service in the industry at the best possible price and we ALWAYS put our customers first.

What makes mynt different?

Locally Owned and Operated

Mynt is not a national company that installs in Utah. We’re a Utah company that focuses on serving our local communities right here in the home state that we love. That means our products, pricing and processes are all tailored to the Utah resident, taking into account local weather, economy and home values.

Full-service Company

Mynt does all our marketing, sales, install and maintenance in-house. We don’t sell your contract, or pass you off to another company. When you get a solar quote or sign with Mynt, the same company supports you for the life of your system.

No Summer Sales

Mynt is not a door-to-door sales company. We’re a traditional contractor that works year-round with homeowners from the first contact, all the way through to the install and maintenance of your system.

Production Guarantee

Mynt offers a 1-year money-back energy production guarantee on every system. If your panels don’t produce exactly what we project, we’ll pay you back the difference in cash.

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We always put our customers first. When you’re a Mynt Solar & Roofing customer, you’re our neighbor. We are committed to help our neighbors find simple solutions to complicated problems at the best possible price.

Thanks for rating us the best solar company in Utah & California!