Everything you need to know about going solar

Going solar is typically done for one of 3 reasons:
  1. Financial Benefit – In the right situation, solar can save people thousands of dollars.
  2. Going Green – It is a much cleaner way of getting energy and is one of the most effective ways for one individual to make a positive impct on the environment.
  3. Power Independence – With Solar, you own your power rather than renting it. When buying from the power company you have no control. They can increase rates whenever they want and you just have to pay it. Most people love the idea of not completely depending on the power provider and owning their own energy production.
Every individual, home, and family situation is unique. There are many people who will greatly benefit from solar and there are some situations where it may not make sense. Usually the best way to answer that question is to meet with one of our solar experts to get a free custom solar consultation done on your home. All we need to do this is a physical address.
Here are a few additional factors that may affect your decision:
  • How long you plan to live in your home.
  • How much you currently pay for power.
  • The condition of your roof.
  • Available roof space, roof orientation, roof slope and shade factors.
  • Taxable income for tax benefit purposes.

On average, homes with solar panels sell more than homes without solar.

Yes. As long as the solar system is effective in producing adequate energy for the home, the value of the system offsets any amount owed, even if the system is new. Mynt ensures that your system will perform as promised, or we’ll cut you a check. No other solar company does that!

There are multiple. First, there is a federal tax incentive worth 26% of the system cost (about $5,000 on average). There is another flat $1,600 incentive from the state of Utah. Most customers average around $7,000 in total incentives. Depending on your tax liability and income, this amount may be paid out over multiple years.

We have $0 down financing available – 20 year 2.99% is the most common. We can change the term to fit your needs.

Mynt focuses on educating people about solar so they can make the best decision for themselves. We are different from others because we may actually tell you NOT to go solar after analyzing your situation. We work hard to give you an honest, professional perspective to help you know exactly what to expect from all angles. You tell us your goals, and we’ll advise you on how to best achieve them.

Net metering is the exchange of power between you and your power company, aka “the grid”. When your home doesn’t use all of the power that it produces, that power is either sent back to the grid, stored in a battery bank, or wasted. During the day, you’re rarely using as much power as you produce, so you typically send lots of power back to the grid. At night, the solar isn’t producing any power so that power comes back to you from the grid. That power exchange back and forth between you and the grid is called net metering.

Not necessarily. To be off the grid means you are completely disconnected from the power company. Solar panels alone do not accomplish this, without additional batteries. The excess power produced by your panels needs somewhere to go. That’s where net metering comes in. If it can’t go back onto the grid, you’ll need to install a battery bank to hold all that power. To be ENTIRELY off the grid means you’d need batteries large enough to support your home’s peak usage at any given time, which can get expensive. The most affordable solar setup typically involves net metering, but if you want to include a battery or go completely off grid, Mynt Solar can include a battery in your solar quote that will fit your needs.

All panels purchased through Mynt Solar will come with a warranty directly from the manufacturer anywhere from 10-30 years on performance, parts, hardware, and even labor.

With Mynt Solar financing, you pay $0 down. If purchasing with cash, 50% of the total system cost is paid up front and the remaining 50% is due once your system is installed and fully functional.

It all depends on how much power you currently use and how much power you want to offset with solar. Most people request a full 100% offset. Meaning your solar payment takes the place of your power bill. This is why meeting with one of our solar professionals is important. We use information from your power bill and the size and pitch of your roof, to determine exactly where to put your panels and how many you will need to have the optimal solar energy setup. Mynt monitors how much power your system produces in the first year and if we’re off, we’ll cut you a check for the difference. No other solar company does that!

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We offer $0 down financing options with nothing due for the first 30-45 days after signing. We also offer cash purchase options and accept all forms of payment.  

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If you sign an install agreement with Mynt and then change your mind, we’ll work with you. As long as nothing has been installed on your home, just give us a call. We always believe in doing right by our customers. 

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When you receive a solar energy system or roof from Mynt, you’re family. We take care of you for the life of the system, offer free system monitoring and stand by our industry-best product and labor warranties.

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