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As a homeowner in Lindon, you’ve likely noticed many of your friends and neighbors making the switch to solar energy in recent years. With numerous tax incentives and the decreasing costs of solar panel installation, many residents are partnering with a solar contractor in Lindon to adopt this eco-friendly approach to home energy. Mynt Solar has you covered!

When it comes to solar panel potential, homes in Utah are continually ranked among the highest. This is largely in part due to the combination of moderate sunshine, low winds, and minimal humidity. These weather conditions, which are typical throughout the state of Utah and your hometown of Lindon, make solar panels an excellent choice for decreasing your electricity bill and carbon footprint. 


Not sure if your property is ideal for solar energy? Our solar contractors in Lindon are happy to provide a professional and honest evaluation. Mynt Solar will take a comprehensive look at your home and surroundings before making a fair recommendation.

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Our Services in Lindon

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation in Lindon is a simple and affordable process. Our expert team members are local to the area and familiar with common needs and challenges that surround solar panels in Lindon. We pride ourselves on informing potential clients about solar energy as it pertains to your home to enable you to make the best decisions for your unique circumstances. As industry leading experts, our team will happily address any questions or concerns throughout the process—whether it’s about energy in general or specifically about our solar panel installation services in Lindon.

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Home Energy Storage

To optimize the benefits of your solar system, we offer home energy storage solutions. One of our skilled solar contractors in Lindon will go into the benefits of installing a reserve and backup for your panels. With an added battery, you can store your unused energy for use at night and during emergencies, such as power outages.

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Tax Incentives for Lindon Homeowners

Mynt Solar offers zero-percent-down financing, and there are a number of federal and state tax incentives available to homeowners to offset the cost of solar panel installation. Between our competitive pricing and potential incentives, solar panels for your home are within reach.

Join the Solar Movement

When you choose to install solar panels on your home, you’ll join thousands of other homeowners and businesses committed to decreasing their carbon footprint. In Utah enough solar panels have been installed to power 450,000 homes. Not only will you join this part of the community, you’ll reap financial benefits and do your part in protecting the environment.

Let’s discuss solar panel installation for your home. Reach out to one of Mynt Solar’s skilled solar contractors in Lindon today for a free consultation!

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