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If you’re ready to harness the clean, renewable power of the sun for your home and save plenty of money along the way, there’s only one choice for your solar contractor in Spanish Fork. Mynt Solar has a long history of serving the local community in Spanish Fork and Utah Valley and is well-equipped to bring its experience and expertise to your home.

Why choose Mynt Solar as your solar contractor in Spanish Fork? Here’s what we can offer:

Making Solar Simple With Your Solar Contractor in Spanish Fork

At Mynt Solar, one of our guiding principles is “making solar simple.” That means:

  • What you see is what you get. We’re absolutely transparent with our pricing right from our first interaction. You’re never going to be surprised with a bill. What we quote you is what you’ll pay.
  • No door-to-door sales. Unlike many other solar companies, we aren’t door-knockers. Our services are too good to fit into a quick pitch about solar power. We’re open and honest about our services and are focused on community values, industry experience, and the best interests of our customers
  • A one-year, money-back production guarantee. Here’s our simple promise to you: our panels will produce what we say they’ll produce after a full year—or we’ll pay you the difference in cash.

The Benefits of Switching to Solar

Why should you switch to solar with Mynt Solar, the top solar contractor in Spanish Fork? Here are the benefits:

  • Lower electric bills. In the right situation, switching to solar can save homeowners thousands of dollars.
  • Better for the environment. Solar power is cleaner and better for the planet than fossil fuels, nuclear power, and other options.
  • Independence from energy companies. Sick of the random rate changes from your current energy provider? With Mynt Solar, you’ll get independence from those big companies and ownership over your own energy production.
  • Tax benefits. By installing solar, you can reap the benefits of local and federal tax breaks—while they last.

Get Started with the Top Solar Company in Spanish Fork

We’re locals here at Mynt Solar. We love everything about Spanish Fork—from the Fiesta and Icelandic Days to Two Jacks and Cowboy Donuts. There’s nothing we like better than bringing our money-saving services to the great people of Spanish Fork.

Let us help you get started with a custom solar proposal! It’s our way of helping you feel confident and comfortable with your choice to transition to your very own solar system. Just upload your regular electric bill to our site, and we’ll develop a customized proposal based on your past usage. We make it simple and comprehensive; it will be clear just how much you can save!

Get in touch with one of our solar experts today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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