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High Power Bill? Let the Sun Pay for it!

With Photovoltaic Solar Energy, you can significantly reduce your electricity costs, reaching savings of up to 95%.

Find Out If You're Right For Solar Instantly With our Solar Calculator!

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25-Year Coverage

We cover any repairs or replacements over the entire course of your agreement. You'll be able to see the production & status of your system right on your phone!

Expert Installation

We're the most experienced installer of home solar and battery systems in Utah. We're Licensed & Insured. Our Work is Safe & Certified.

24/7 System Monitoring

Our best-in-class monitoring technology proactively informs us of possible issues, so your system can operate at peak performance at all times.

Dedicated Support

Every customer receives dedicated support from initial design to powering on your system. We'll walk you through every step and provide email updates on your project's progress.

See Our Savings Calculator Today For a Payment Lower Than Your Current!

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Hear our Happy Neighbors!

Steven Arhart
Steven Arhart
Mynt was very easy to work with. The quote, detailed explanation, and overall system was very transparent compared to the different quotes and companies that I pursued. They kept me informed with the process and exactly when my installation and next steps were going to take place. As an engineer myself, the detailed drawings and permitting instilled confidence in the design and workmanship that I was receiving. Easy app to track the functionality and production of the panels. After about three months of production no issues. Would definitely recommend to others.
Mike Spong
Mike Spong
In January 2021 I had hoped to get a Tesla solution with panels and battery backup. Over a year later I had not heard back from Tesla. In June of 2022 I started the process with MyntSolar and final installation was completed in December. Supply chain problems slowed down the installation by a three months, but I actually give Mynt Solar great credit for battling through supply shortages and providing me with a better solution (the battery backup) than was originally scoped. The installation crew was great. The panels on the roof look great, the wiring and circuit panels look great, the power output during January snowstorms and short days obscures the what the actual power output will be, but the few sunny days seem promising.
Cris C
Cris C
Solar install with battery backup! Awesome company. Great to work with. They really know their stuff. Install crew was great and cared about my home and discussed each step with me. Wes, Shay and the rest of the crew are awesome. Management crew also cares about making everything work. Didn’t have to worry about anything. Brandon, Matt, and Bailey have followed up multiple time during each phase to ensure things are smooth and I was happy with the process. Couldn’t ask for a more fair and knowledgeable group.
JoAnne Hinkle
JoAnne Hinkle
I talked to 1 or 2 other solar installers, before I talked to Mynt. I felt like their costs were honest (and substantially below some of the others). They have been right on top of things, and now everything is installed and working. They have helped me understand the system better than I did.
Felicia Boothe
Felicia Boothe
We utilized Mynt Solar for our solar power install. It was the professionalism of the sales people and installers that sold us. We had many bids and they were one of the only companies that actually had any follow-through.The person leading the install had a solar tattoo on his leg and I knew that he was not only excited about his job, but that he believes in solar power as a renewable energy source. He even said he had been "dreaming" about how to do our install! 🙂 We installed the panels on our shop and they are working. Side note: My husband checks our solar report like it's the stock market and he seems pretty happy so far. Supply chain and local power interfacing provided its share of challenges to getting the job done, however Mynt Solar kept at it and we now are very happy to be using our solar panels.
Paul Vargas
Paul Vargas
This is waaaay overdue! So I sadly can't login to the old account I used to post my old review (3 star one), but I have to say the guys including Chris at Mynt have changed my tone quick. First off, Chris called me immediately the next day of the review. We discussed different things. He then followed up with me for 2 months to confirm I was reading my bill right. On top of that, I still have the record for the fastest install ever!!!! Now, it's been almost a year since my solar install. My solar not only has been feeding so much energy that the most I paid for a year was $12 (yes even in winter months), but it has held up to Chino Hill high winds and flash flood rains! One dude's solar in my neighborhood got damaged and his isn't much older than mine, so mine is definitely quality build! Anyways, sorry I can't change the old review, but at least I can do a new one a year later!
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson
We contracted with Mynt Solar to install an 8 kW rooftop solar system and had a great experience with them start to finish. Their sales team was very informative and professional. They have flat pricing, which makes things very straightforward, and they took the time to answer all my questions and make sure we were making the right investment for our needs. I also really appreciated that they were very objective and weren't trying to sway us into using them by badmouthing their competitors - I can't say as much for a few of their competitors... Another thing that pushed us over the edge to use Mynt Solar was their assurance that they could get the system installed relatively quickly to ensure that we could take advantage of the tax credit on this year's filing. They absolutely delivered on that. After we'd signed the contract, we were assigned a project manager who did an excellent job of keeping everything moving along and keeping us apprised of the status. The only significant amount of time spent waiting during the process was always while waiting for the city/power company to come out and do their next step. Mynt made sure to submit all the applications very promptly and to have the installation scheduled such that everything just moved along as quickly as the approvals came through. Only time will tell, but given their business model, I'm also very optimistic that they'll be around for a good long time to provide their advertised warranty service should we ever need it. I can wholeheartedly recommend them if you are looking for solar or roofing services.

Steps to go Solar

Shop online

Browse, build, and price your system online in seconds

Reserve your system

Secure your system’s equipment with $0 down

Design and install

Finalize your roof design and coordinate installation with a dedicated Solar Concierge

Slash your energy bill up to 95% with a solar photovoltaic plant.

Up to 95% in Savings

Eliminate the increasing power bills from Power companies!

Return on Investment

Up to 20% ROI within 10 years! avg. Utah homeowner saves around $7K

Low Maintenance

Minimal maintenance after installation! We’ll monitor your system 24/7!

Value of Real Estate

Increase your property’s value Immediately with a Solar System!

We're Local, Trusted by our Neighbors! Calculate your Savings!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Going solar is typically done for one of 3 reasons:

Financial Benefit – In the right situation, solar can save people thousands of dollars.

Going Green – It is a much cleaner way of getting energy and is one of the most effective ways for one individual to make a positive impct on the environment.

Power Independence – With Solar, you own your power rather than renting it. When buying from the power company you have no control. They can increase rates whenever they want and you just have to pay it. Most people love the idea of not completely depending on the power provider and owning their own energy production.

Every individual, home, and family situation is unique. There are many people who will greatly benefit from solar and there are some situations where it may not make sense. Usually the best way to answer that question is to meet with one of our solar experts to get a free custom solar consultation done on your home. All we need to do this is a physical address.


Here are a few additional factors that may affect your decision:

How long you plan to live in your home.

How much you currently pay for power.

The condition of your roof.

Available roof space, roof orientation, roof slope and shade factors.

Taxable income for tax benefit purposes.

On average, homes with solar panels sell more than homes without solar.

Yes. As long as the solar system is effective in producing adequate energy for the home, the value of the system offsets any amount owed, even if the system is new. Mynt ensures that your system will perform as promised, or we’ll cut you a check. No other solar company does that!

There are multiple. First, there is a federal tax incentive worth 26% of the system cost (about $5,000 on average). There is another flat $1,600 incentive from the state of Utah. Most customers average around $7,000 in total incentives. Depending on your tax liability and income, this amount may be paid out over multiple years.

We have $0 down financing available – 20 year 2.99% is the most common. We can change the term to fit your needs.

Mynt focuses on educating people about solar so they can make the best decision for themselves. We are different from others because we may actually tell you NOT to go solar after analyzing your situation. We work hard to give you an honest, professional perspective to help you know exactly what to expect from all angles. You tell us your goals, and we’ll advise you on how to best achieve them.

Net metering is the exchange of power between you and your power company, aka “the grid”. When your home doesn’t use all of the power that it produces, that power is either sent back to the grid, stored in a battery bank, or wasted. During the day, you’re rarely using as much power as you produce, so you typically send lots of power back to the grid. At night, the solar isn’t producing any power so that power comes back to you from the grid. That power exchange back and forth between you and the grid is called net metering.

All panels purchased through Mynt Solar will come with a warranty directly from the manufacturer anywhere from 10-30 years on performance, parts, hardware, and even labor.

With Mynt Solar Financing, you pay $0 down. If purchasing with cash, 50% of the total system cost is paid up front and the remaining 50% is due once your system is installed and fully functional.

Fill in your address and calculate your bill savings

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We always put our customers first. When you’re a Mynt Solar customer, you’re our neighbor. We are committed to help our neighbors find simple solutions to complicated problems at the best possible price.

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