A Guide to Calculating Solar Panel Needs for Your Home

A Guide to Calculating Solar Panel Needs for Your Home


Are you interested in making the switch to solar energy but don’t know where to start? Knowing how many solar panels you’ll need is an important first step. Read on and learn more about calculating how much solar power your home needs.




Your solar panel needs are determined by a few factors, such as your location, average hours of sunshine, and electricity usage. The average American household uses about 10,400 kWh per year. To calculate how many solar panels you will need for your home, multiply this number by 0.3 (the percentage of available sunlight) and divide it by the amount of power generated per hour by one panel in peak sunlight conditions (around 250 watts). This calculation will give you the total number of panels needed to generate enough electricity to power your home each day.

Another key factor when considering solar panels is roof size and orientation. If your roof faces south and has no obstructions (such as trees or buildings), it is considered an ideal installation site since southern exposure receives the most direct sunlight throughout the day. However, if your roof faces east or west, that’s ok too! You may just need a few extra panels to get the same amount of sun exposure as a south-facing roof. Additionally, take into account any shading from nearby trees or other structures—this can greatly reduce the amount of usable sunlight reaching your panels each day.

Finally, when installing solar panels on your own, be sure to adhere to all safety guidelines—including installing a disconnect switch—and always hire an electrician for any wiring or electrical work necessary for installation.




Making the switch to renewable energy doesn’t have to be daunting! Following these steps can help you make an informed decision about what type of solar system is right for your home and budget. It’s important to remember that while there are some upfront costs associated with purchasing and installing solar equipment, with proper maintenance they can last up to 25 years! And with federal tax credits available for new installations, going green has never been more affordable! With some research and planning, you’ll be able to determine exactly how many solar panels you need so that you can start taking advantage of clean energy today!

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