How Do Roofing Companies Work with Your Insurance?

How Do Roofing Companies Work with Your Insurance?

Like many of Mynt Solar’s customers, you may be worried about the price of replacing your roof. Did you know that roof replacements are typically covered by homeowners insurance?

We will work directly with your insurance company to make the process as hassle free as possible, ensuring that your home and family are protected against the outside elements. Here’s what to expect during the process when roofing companies work with insurance companies for re-roofing projects:

How to Get Insurance Help for Your Re-Roofing Project

1. You report damage

Once it has been confirmed that damage to your roof was caused by a covered event, like a storm, you should notify your insurer and send photos of the damage.

2. Your insurer evaluates coverage

The insurance company will determine if an inspection is necessary using contractor reports, satellite images and other tools. It’s important to note that certain types of storms may not be covered by your policy (hail damage for example).

3. You receive a claim number 

After your insurer confirms coverage, you will receive a claim number that is required before the roofing work can begin.

4. You roofing company begins repairs

Before any work on your home starts, a licensed contractor must be hired to make the necessary repairs. The insurance provider may give you a list of preferred contractors to use, but you have the final say when hiring a roofing company, so do your research well!

5. You pay your deductible

In most cases, you’re responsible for paying your deductible before the work on your home begins. The amount of this payment will be based on your insurance policy and whether or not the damage was caused by a covered event.

6. The roofing company completes repairs

A licensed contractor should follow the manufacturer’s instructions when replacing your roof, including installing flashing or other necessary components.

7. You review inspection reports

An inspector hired by the insurance provider will inspect the work to ensure that it meets industry standards. If it does, you’re finished! If there is a problem, you and your roofing company will work together to resolve the issue.

8. You pay your insurance company

If there were additional costs incurred once everything is approved and completed, you’ll be required to settle your insurance claim by check or credit card. This covers the cost of repairs and any costs incurred due to delays (like materials ordered but never used).

Final Checks

Once your roof has been completely repaired and you’ve made all of the necessary payments and covered your deductible, Mynt Solar will perform a final roof inspection to ensure that everything is up to industry standards.

Once approved by our roofing specialist, we’ll submit an invoice to your insurance provider which will include the roof replacement cost and any additional fees that we incurred. You will then receive a check from your insurance provider for the remaining amount of your roofing warranty. By working together with your roofing company and insurance company, you can significantly reduce the cost of your roof replacement for covered damage!

If you are considering a roof repair or replacement, check out Mynt Solar for a free consultation from a local team of experts!