Rocky Mountain Power Rebate: Mynt Certified To Install Sonnen Batteries

On December 1, 2020, Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) began implementing their Wattsmart Battery program. As part of the Rocky Mountain Power rebate, RMP will automatically manage your battery as a part of their smart power grid. Upon enrolling you will receive an incentive, and each year you will be granted bill credits for participating. The Wattsmart Battery program encourages a healthy environment, low electric prices, and effective renewable energy practices.

With incentives based on battery size, RMP is offering those with residential and commercial batteries a one-time upfront cash payment of $600 per kW and an annual bill credit of $15 per kW. If you participate in RMP’s program for more than the 4-year commitment, your participation incentive could increase to up to $50 per kW at the start of your fifth year in the program.

Signing up for the Wattsmart Battery program should not add any extra stress to your battery or have any other negative effects. It should still perform as is it supposed to, but RMP will be able to turn your battery on and off. The program is meant to connect all participating batteries and provides an energy resource pool large enough to provide energy when it is needed.

Excess solar energy is used to charge these batteries during the middle of the day, and that energy is used later in the evening or mornings. In addition, the batteries can be called upon when there is a larger system needed to manage voltage in order to keep the grid stable for everyone. Currently, batteries are charged by yours and other customers’ onsite solar generation

To enroll in the Wattsmart Battery program, you will have to take the following steps:

  1. Find a qualified installer to go over your options and evaluate your needs. If you already have an approved battery you can skip to step 4.
  2. Take a look at RMP’s ,rules and requirements to make sure that participation is right for you.
  3. Install your solar system with an approved battery and interconnect it with RMP via a customer generation meter.
  4. ,Apply to participate and to receive the incentive.
  5. RMP will verify its ability to communicate and dispatch the battery.
  6. RMP will confirm that your ,Customer Generation application has been received and approved.
  7. Your incentive check will be issued.

This Rocky Mountain Power rebate is currently available to those with Sonnen Core, Sonnen Eco, and Sonnen EcoLinx batteries, up to 30kW. For more information on the program, visit RMP’s website.

Mynt Solar is an approved installer of Sonnen batteries and a distinguished solar company in Utah. Contact us today so that we can help you get set up to join the Wattsmart Battery program, take advantage of the Rocky Mountain Power rebate, or to help you with your other energy storage or solar needs.