Solar Power Systems for Small Homes: Is It Worth It?

Solar power systems for small homes are a great way to reduce your small home’s monthly energy expenses and your environmental footprint. Energy from solar systems can be used to help with everything from heating water to providing electricity for the most important appliances in your home.

While the initial installation of the solar panels will require a small investment, all you’ll need is a little patience before you start seeing reduced monthly bills. De

Can Solar Panels Power My Entire Small Home?

A small home solar power system can provide a little to a lot of energy capacity. The amount of energy it can produce is measured in kilowatts (kW) and the dollar value associated with that production is the cost per kW. A typical size for a small home solar power system ranges from 3 – 9 kW. In order to find out the costs, you can do a quick search of “how much does a solar power system cost” and include your state. In general, you can expect to pay between $4 – 7 per watt installed.

Solar panels capture the sun’s energy through photovoltaic cells, which produce electricity when exposed to sunlight. A single panel can produce anywhere from 40 to 300 watts. After the initial installation, you’ll start seeing a reduction in your electricity bills almost immediately. To get a more comprehensive idea of how much energy you need to generate, try an online energy use calculator.

How Many Panels Do You Need to Power a Small Home?

How many solar panels you’ll need to power your small home depends on the number of appliances and electronics that are in use at any given time. To find out which appliances are drawing the most energy, look for the wattage rating on your electronic devices or check with the manufacturer. If you have energy guzzling appliances, you can plug them into a power strip so that they are not connected to the grid and drawing expensive electricity.

Once your home’s energy requirements are met, you can start selling the extra energy that your panels produce to energy companies or storing it in home batteries to use later.

Benefits of Solar Power for Small Homes

Solar Power Reduces Monthly Energy Bills

Solar power reduces monthly energy bills by replacing conventional electricity with free, renewable solar energy that you create at your home.

Eliminates Rising Electric Rates

In the past ten years, the average monthly electric bill has nearly doubled from $57 to $107. In some areas of the country those rates have soared as high as $200. Solar power is a great alternative to purchasing electricity from energy companies that may raise your rates due to increased infrastructure costs or larger investments in new technology and power plants.

Adds value to your small home

Research shows that installing a solar system to your small home could increase its value by thousands of dollars, depending on a variety of factors. Not only are you improving your home’s performance through sustainable, eco-friendly energy production, you’re giving yourself a nice return on your investment by increasing the value of your home.

Eliminates or Reduces Carbon Footprint

One of the best things about solar power is that it doesn’t create additional carbon emissions. The use of fossil fuels for electricity generation creates harmful greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change and global warming. Solar power reduces your carbon footprint by offsetting any other energy sources you may be using, making it one of the best, most affordable renewable energy options for small homeowners.

Types of Solar Power Systems for Small Homes

There are three types of solar power systems for small homes – battery backup, off-grid, and grid tied. A battery backup or off-grid system is recommended for houses that are located in remote areas where utility companies don’t have access. If you are looking to save money on your monthly electric bill, a grid-tied system is usually the best option for small homes. This type of panel recharges batteries during the day which can then be used at night or when it’s cloudy outside to power your appliances and electronics.

Going Solar

To learn more about solar power systems for small homes, get in touch with Mynt Solar. We will provide you with a comprehensive, honest assessment of your home and how it might benefit from solar panels. Our friendly team looks forward to hearing from you!