Life Expectancy of Your Utah Roof

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There are few components of your home more important than the roof, which is why as a homeowner you need to prioritize roof repairs and general maintenance. For those wondering what the life expectancy of your Utah roof is, the simple answer is: it depends.

Location and climate are some of the greatest variables, and in Utah, there are all kinds of weather to influence a roof’s condition. The location, roofing materials, and quality of maintenance and installation will all determine the average lifespan.

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a home that requires renovations or your current roof needs some TLC, here’s what you need to know.

Utah Factors That Influence the Lifespan of Your Roof

Depending on who you ask, the “average” lifespan of a roof in Utah is around 20-30 years.

However, that 20-30 years can be cut short or drawn out depending on how you care for your roof.

The Local Climate and Environmental Stresses

It’s important to consider the changing seasons when choosing a material for your Utah home’s roof. Unlike many states, Utah experiences four distinct seasons. In the winter, there’s snow, the hot summers bring strong UV rays, and the spring and fall deliver everything in between. These conditions contribute to the wear and tear on your roof.

Keep in mind that weather can also vary depending on where you are in Utah. For example, Park City averages 300-400 inches of snow per year. Freeze and thaw cycles can be extremely harsh on roofs.

Then there are places like St. George, Utah, which gets an average of 2 inches of snow per year, but the summers are sweltering and the sun can be relentless on roofing materials. Whether it be a brutal sun or heavy snow, environmental stresses lead to material degradation.

Material Choice

Your roofing material is a significant factor in the longevity of your roof. Shingles are the most common roofing material—but not all shingles are created equal. For example, double laminate asphalt shingles aren’t as strong as triple laminate asphalt shingles or a metal roof. By choosing one of the latter, you could get 5-10 extra years out of your roof.

This is something you can discuss with a professional roofing company. A local roofing contractor can guide you in the right direction in terms of the life expectancy of materials in your area.

Installation Quality

Speaking of roofing contractors, another critical aspect of the life expectancy of your Utah roof is the installation process. When you have your roof installed by a quality roofing contractor, it can make a huge difference in how long it lasts.

Roofers who lack experience will often leave vulnerabilities that weather can quickly chip away at. While some homeowners try to save money by installing their roof themselves, their investment may be in vain if they don’t install it correctly, costing them even more in the long run.


Proper maintenance is also important, especially if there are signs of damage. When you ignore seemingly minor damages, this can lead to more expensive, significant repairs in the future. Be aware of the following symptoms so you can take proactive action:

  • Cracked, missing, or warped shingles
  • Leaks
  • Dark patches on your ceiling
  • Cracking on your interior drywall
  • Wear and tear on the flashing

You should inspect your roof for vulnerabilities once before the heatwave begins in the summer and once before the first major snowfall.

Focus on the Variables You Can Control

You can’t control the weather, so focus on the variables you can control. As you choose the roofing materials and a roofing contractor to install them, remember that these decisions are an investment in the longevity of your roof and your home’s overall value.

In summary, when properly installed and maintained, you can expect your average roof life to be anywhere between 15 to 30 years, depending on what part of Utah you’re in and the quality of materials you’ve chosen.

For reliable roofing services in Utah, contact Mynt Solar. Our team will be happy to provide a fair and honest estimate for your next roofing project.