The Most Affordable Alternative Energy Solution for Homeowners

You want to find an alternative energy solution to power your home to become as energy-independent as possible. At the same time, you’re hesitant to make the large investment that many alternative systems require. You’re in luck—the most affordable alternative energy solution for Utah and California homeowners is more accessible than ever.

Solar panels stand out as the most affordable alternative energy solution for homeowners. Your household will use fewer fossil fuels that contribute to pollution, be independent of large power companies, and more. Keep reading to learn more about why solar is your best option for alternative energy.

Solar Panels Help Most in Areas with High Energy Costs

Given enough time, solar panels will help any household save money. However, people living in areas with high energy costs will see significant differences much sooner than those living in areas with inexpensive energy.

California energy companies charge more for electricity than providers in just about every other state. On average, you can expect to pay $0.2244 per kilowatt-hour. The average home uses 877 kilowatt-hours per month. Assuming that you fall within the normal range, you can expect to pay nearly $200 per month for electricity in California.

The good news is that Southern California gets ample sunlight, so you can generate a lot of power with solar panels.

Talk to a solar contractor to get a price quote for solar panels that will lower your monthly bills. You might find out that a relatively small 5-kilowatt system would significantly cut your electric bills.

Solar Panels Won’t Get in Your Way

If you have a limited amount of land like many people living in cities and suburbs, installing solar panels on your roof makes the most sense. Once you get accustomed to seeing the panels on your roof, you will probably forget about them. They become a normal part of your day and blend into the background of your life.

Ideally, you have a southern-facing roof that will give your solar panels more access to sunlight. Even without a large rooftop area pointing south, a solar contractor can help you explore options that power your home without relying heavily on the electrical grid.

Solar Energy Keeps You Prepared for Power Outages

Households that rely completely on the electrical grid will experience occasional power outages. Anything from a storm to a computer virus could shut down energy production and distribution.

When you have a solar power system, you don’t have to worry about food going bad, suffering through intense heat or cold, and other inconveniences that come with power outages.

Adding a battery to your solar energy system gives you even more protection. Options like the LG Chem battery can store up to 10 hours of power. That means two things:

  • You will use less electricity during the night and on cloudy days, which lowers your bills even more.
  • You can rely on your battery to power your home as normal regardless of how long it takes your local provider to solve the problem.

When you decide you’re ready for an affordable alternative energy solution, talk to a solar contractor about your options. For most homeowners, solar is the best option, but it’s a good idea to talk to a professional about which system will work best for your specific home and location.

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