Maximizing Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy

One of the best ways to create an affordable future of secure, clean energy is by investing in both energy efficiency and solar energy. The combination of both options is ideal to help you meet your need for cheaper, more effective energy solutions. According to ACEE, efficiency and solar energy are valuable to homeowners and complement each other to help create a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Combining these measures guarantees two major things: that you’re producing most (if not all) of your own energy and that your energy consumption goes down significantly.

First Steps

If your utility bill keeps rising, it’ s time to find a way to reduce it while optimizing your own energy production. An energy audit will help you understand your energy consumption and where exactly there is room for improving your home’s efficiency.

An audit will also establish the measures you need to take to reduce your consumption. It could be decreasing your electricity load through solar panel installation.

Solar panel installation should be your next move. Get in touch with a local solar company for an assessment to find out if your home is a good candidate for solar panels, how much energy your solar system might produce, and what your hard costs will be.

You’ll have to invest time and money during both initial phases of the process, but the long-term benefits are well worth it.

Benefits of Integrating Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy

While trying to make energy efficient changes is a worthwhile practice, efficiency can only save energy, not produce it independently. Similarly, solar energy production can’t reach its full potential without energy efficiency. Integrating both methods will result in the following benefits:

Saves Money

Your solar panel installation cost and the amount of electricity you generate on your rooftop depend on your solar system’s size, the way you install the panels, and the location. When your solar is paid off, you will have reduced or no costs when it comes to your monthly electric bill.

With accompanying energy efficient practices, you minimize the energy load and maximize the efficiency of your solar equipment, saving energy costs in the long run. The less you use, the more you save. Extra solar energy doesn’t go to waste if you don’t use it immediately; if you have a battery installed, energy can be stored there until you need it.

Changes Your Mindset

Making this series of changes to your home and habits will have a lasting effect on your mindset. These changes are intentional, not accidental, and require some effort and an investment of your resources. Once you’ve gone through the process of installing solar and implementing new practices, it will be difficult to go back to your old ways.

Lessens the Impact of Location-Specific Solar Challenges

The effectiveness of your solar system may vary depending on your home’s geographical location and weather conditions. Areas with long sunshine hours will have maximum electricity generation, while rainy and overcast areas will produce less. Obstructions such as shade may limit your solar system’s capacity to operate at an optimum level, too.

Energy efficiency is not affected by such conditions, so it will come in handy when solar energy production is at its lowest. If you live in an area where sun exposure doesn’t provide enough energy to meet your needs, you can ramp up energy-saving efforts.

Bottom Line

As more focus shifts to clean energy and environmentally-friendly energy generation technology, the separation between energy efficiency and solar power will become smaller and smaller. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make your home more energy-efficient!

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