4 Ways Solar Helps the Environment

Are you thinking about switching to an environmentally friendly energy source? Work with a local solar company to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly. Solar panels are gaining popularity, not only in your community but around the world. Thanks to the reduced costs of solar technology, there’s never been a better time to make the switch. Explore these four ways that making the switch to solar will help the environment.

1. Promotes Water Conservation

You may not think of traditional electricity sources as having an impact on water consumption, but generators, fuel refining, transportation, and nuclear power plants all use a considerable amount of water. Despite efforts in the energy industry, these traditional methods make it difficult to promote water conservation in your community and across the globe.

Solar doesn’t require water to cool or transport electricity from panels to energy storage systems. A comprehensive home system includes enough panels and storage batteries to offer emergency power or year-round electricity.

2. Cuts Down on CO2 and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Many homes are powered by electricity created through burning coal or other forms of electricity production. These forms create significant amounts of CO2, which can increase global greenhouse gas emissions.

Install a solar energy system in your home to cut out 80% or more of your home’s greenhouse gas production. Panels do not produce greenhouse gases as they produce electricity, and your switch to solar can prevent thousands of pounds of coal from being burned every year.

3. Reduces Unhealthy Air Pollution

Using fossil fuels to create electricity is not only unsustainable, but it also creates air pollution. Airborne methane and carbon dioxide affect the health of individuals around the globe, but especially those affected by allergies, asthma, pneumonia, cancer and heart diseases.

The source of your electricity can change to avoid fossil fuel burning. Switching to solar not only gives you affordable energy, but can also reduce health concerns for many. By choosing sunlight as your source of electricity, and encouraging your neighbors to do the same, you’ll join the movement toward cleaner air for everyone.

4. Slows Climate Change

The same gasses that create air pollution are also identified as causes of climate change. Greenhouse gas buildup causes the planet to become warmer, gradually, which can partially melt ice sheets and glaciers. This could cause some regions to become drier and others to become wetter, severe weather events around the world, and more. The net effect is a less habitable planet.

Solar energy removes your energy production from the contributing factors of climate change. Ask about ways you can store energy for future use with a home battery system. At Mynt Solar, we’re dedicated to helping you find solutions to create a more sustainable future.

Work with Utah’s best solar contractor today to start your journey. Schedule a  virtual consultation today to see what you can do to enjoy affordable, environmentally friendly energy in your home. Ask about $0 down financing and energy generation to match your household usage. We make solar simple!