How To Distance Yourself From Power Companies

Why rent electricity from a big power company when you can own it? Similar to the benefits of homeownership, there are financial and personal benefits to owning your electricity. Explore the advantages of a solar installation project and other energy efficiency upgrades to your property.

Why Distance Yourself From Power Companies?

When you pay a monthly bill to a local power company, you’re not in control of the cost of your electricity. Unpredictable prices due to energy supply fluctuations could leave you feeling trapped.

Compare that with the convenient pricing and fixed rates of solar power. At Mynt Solar, we work with you to appropriately size your system to match your energy usage. A convenient $0 down financing policy helps you get a clear picture of the low costs of electricity generation for your property.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Solar Panels?

There are a number of benefits you can enjoy when you hire a professional solar installation team. Consider these reasons to go green and get rid of your fickle monthly electric bill:

  • Lower electricity costs: Whether you purchase the system in cash or finance it, in the long term it’s less expensive than the cost of comparable energy usage.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Much of the electrical grid relies on coal and fossil fuels to produce energy. Choose an environmentally friendly alternative to do your part in promoting a greener lifestyle.n
  • Increased power production in peak usage times: Energy used during the day, particularly the afternoon houses, can be more expensive for your electrical provider. This is also the peak time that your solar system operates.
  • Decreased reliance on the energy grid: Storms, emergency maintenance, and other issues can cause temporary power outages in your home. A home power system provides consistent electricity to your home without relying on the electrical grid.

Are There Other Ways To Create an Energy-Efficient Home?

Installing a solar system is one of the best, high-impact ways to increase the efficiency of your home, but there are other small ways you can cut down on your usage.

Start by inspecting the weatherization of your home, particularly if you live in areas with harsh winter weather. Sealing any cracks around your windows and adding the appropriate amount of attic insulation to an old home can reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Don’t leave chargers and other electrical items plugged in if you aren’t using them. These items are known as energy vampires because they consume small amounts of electricity as long as they’re plugged in.

There are many other ways to reduce energy in your home, like using a low-flow shower head, washing clothes in cold water, or installing LED light bulbs. All of these changes can dramatically reduce your electricity usage.

How Can I Own My Power?

Ready for a solar installation in Utah or Southern California? Schedule a consultation with Mynt Solar, a trusted solar company in Utah and California, to start your journey to power ownership. Free yourself from dependency on a local electricity company by generating and storing electricity right on your property.